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With Jeff's coaching, I have achieved personal-best results in the 50K, 100K, and 100M distances. Jeff has also coached me through dietary changes that have greatly improved my health, fitness and recovery. At 50, I am enjoying running more than ever!



After 3 months under Jeff’s guidance, I completed Run Rabbit Run 100 and two weeks later ran St. George marathon. To my surprise, I qualified for Boston by 20 minutes! My recovery after each race has been truly unbelievable. I credit his training techniques of strength circuits, daily running workouts through calendar reminders (so I know what to do each day), and consultation on diet changes to aid in muscle recovery. His help has enabled me to run on days that normally in the past would have been off days. Jeff's coaching techniques have put me on the ultra trail of my goal to run 100s into my 70s.



I’ve been training for ultras for a few years now, but I hit a plateau. I knew I needed help and looked around for the right resources. For me, a highly driven athlete, it was important that I find a coach who had “been there” and “done that”…someone I could look up to and respect.  Well, Jeff is not only a great coach, he’s also one of the greatest ultra distance athletes of our time. I’ve given into the process and I can trust in that because Jeff really knows his stuff — he’s actually IN THE GAME and executing the highest levels in ultra. Jeff has helped me tremendously — in particular, he’s helped me find balance and to listen to my body in ways that previously I would just push through, to my detriment.  If you’re lucky enough to get a spot on his roster, saddle up. It’s well worth it!  I’m setting new PRs and achieving goals I struggled to meet previously.



I’ve been running for almost 30 years (high school, D1 college and post university), and at the age of 38 I ran my first ultra. I maintained my college-type training schedule and although I had some success, I couldn’t make it through anything longer than a 50k without severe stomach distress and other issues. I resigned myself that I needed help figuring out “ultras” and after lots of research on coaches started working with Jeff less than 2 years ago. I was skeptical about the lower mileage program, but Jeff takes a holistic approach and factored in my family life (6 kids) and full-time career and nutrition to ensure I didn’t burn out and could reach the start line healthy and ready to compete in each race. He takes as much time as you need to discuss nutrition, training and life balance, and is a wellspring of knowledge. After less than 2 years working with Jeff, at 43, I have PR’d all my mountain climbs by substantial margins and reached the podium in nearly all of my “A” races. No doubt I am stronger and fitter now at 43 than when I was competing in college. 



Bronco Billy coached me to my first 100-mile finish! Over a year of training and racing under his guidance, Jeff’s unparalleled experience, thoughtful ability to communicate, and genuine enthusiasm for his athletes shines through. Jeff isn’t just a coach with technical know-how — he’s a true sounding board on all aspects of ultra running, from considering which races to enter, what gear to test, which nutritional and recovery strategies to employ, and even how to optimize mindset and positivity. Plus, he’s got endless epic stories which inspire me to get out the door, enabling me to create my own story. Now that Jeff coached me to my first 100-mile finish, I’m focused on working with him to truly excel at the distance (and beyond) as only someone with his experience, longevity, and wisdom could coach.



Jeff has transformed my life as a runner! His laid back approach is just what I was looking for after trying a couple other relationships that just didn’t resonate. I hired Jeff after he won the 2022 Moab 240 in about half the time it took me to finish! From the moment we had our first discussion, I knew he would help me become a stronger, more capable ultra-runner, if I did the work!  What I didn’t realize was how much he would help me develop my mental game and how much I could benefit from his nutrition and race hydration, fueling and sleep suggestions. His coaching was instrumental in what I would call my breakout performance at the ’23 Bigfoot 200 where I toed the line almost 20 lbs lighter and finished well ahead of cutoffs after a DNF the year prior. What impresses me most about Jeff, is he seeks to learn from me and my experiences as well. He doesn’t just throw me a program to follow and check back in. He wants to know what’s working. As a certified running and leadership & performance coach myself, I recognize his desire to improve and be innovative in his approach. He is the total package. Go Bronco!



After working with many different coaches with different philosophies throughout the 20 years I have been ultrarunning, I have not found a better fit for the aging athlete than working with Jeff. As I am approaching the age of 50, Jeff has helped me navigate everything from the daily diet to daily training to help me still be competitive in ultrarunning and not burn out. Thank you Jeff!



I started working with Jeff because I felt that my training had stagnated. I chose to have him coach me because his coaching philosophy meshed well with my own lived experience and research. Beyond just running results, my energy levels, body image, and resistance to injury have all improved in the short time that I’ve been coached by him. I’m excited to see what other gains can be made in the future.


New Mexico

Before I started training with Jeff, I struggled with developing a sustainable training plan, dealt with training injuries, and faced nutrition issues. Jeff's expertise and personalized coaching were instrumental in my journey, culminating in a successful 100k finish at Javelina Jundred. His commitment to addressing both physical and nutritional aspects has not only improved my performance, but also helped me navigate and overcome the challenges associated with ultra distances. Jeff Browning's coaching is invaluable for anyone aspiring to achieve their goals.



I’ve been in the sport of trail and ultra-running for nearly a decade, but Jeff has really pushed me to become a better, stronger runner and more well-rounded athlete. Jeff keeps training fun and diverse with strength training and targeted workouts, and he’s simply stoked on running. His curiosity for the sport and genuine care for the trail community is evident in his coaching. If I’m thinking about trying a particular race, Jeff is always my top source for advice because he’s probably already raced it! His thoughtfulness, energy, experience, and attention to detail are unparalleled, especially when it comes to race-day strategy and nutrition. He’s helped me see the competitive athlete that I can be, and I’m forever grateful for all the personal stories and tips he’s shared over the years.



Remo is inspiring, knowledgeable, and an outstanding coach. We talk nearly bi-weekly, he is so easy to talk with and every, every time we talk, I learn something new. His coaching style, progress tracking, approach to diet, and positive attitude make me want to train and enjoy training. I had an injury this year and through Remo’s network I was put in contact with an outstanding medical team who addressed my injury. Remo has continued coaching throughout the injury and rehabilitation process through cross training and staying mentally focused. I could not have had a better experience, thank you Remo!



Coach Remo has been instrumental in taking my ultrarunning game up a notch! Since getting started with Remo I have seen improvements in every aspect of my training and race performance. He does a great job of catering to his individual athletes, recognizing and adapting to personal circumstances and goals, all while having tremendous knowledge of training theory, hydration, nutrition, and race strategy. I am excited to have Remo in my corner as I continue my progression in the sport. Thanks Remo!



Enlisting an ultrarunning coach after six years of trial and error is perhaps the most important running decision I’ve made so far. Since working with coach Remo I have been able to overcome most of the challenges that plagued me in long distance (50M and 100M) events, including nausea, cramps and extreme fatigue. Not only have I been able to overcome these challenges, I understand the root cause of them and have the knowledge and confidence to troubleshoot them during an event. In the past when a new runner would ask me for advice on how to begin running ultra distances I would share things about nutrition, hydration or some hard lesson I had learned from doing the wrong thing. Today if someone asked me how to progress in ultra running I would simply tell them to enlist the help of a qualified coach like Remo. I am certain I would be years further ahead in my ultra running career had I made the important decision to work with a coach much earlier. Life is too short to learn your own lessons.



Instead of training harder, we started training smarter, improved my nutrition, and started focusing on power and mobility. We spent time focusing on race strategy (pacing, nutrition, hydration, crew); I moved from not completing my ultra races to finishing at the top of my age group. Working with Remo made a huge difference for me!



I started working with Jeff in February 2022 and have been so impressed by his approach and philosophy towards coaching. Working a very busy corporate role in London can be difficult to find a balance between ultra running and my day to day business life. Jeff has found a way to structure my workouts into a manageable schedule which has enabled me to improve as a runner over the last 23 months. This is not just my opinion but also proven in results at some big races including a 5th Place finish at The Triple Crown of 200s, which I directly attribute to Jeff’s tutelage. Jeff’s attention to detail is outstanding, his programming, wise insights and constructive feedback have directly enabled me to progress as a runner and actively achieve my goals. Jeff is truly a great coach to work with, he genuinely cares about his athletes, understands the needs to balance running with life and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to take their running to the next level. Thank you Jeff!



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