Individual Run Coaching with Trish Arends

Trish shares her love of running while guiding athletes toward better movement patterns through mobility, strength and improved running technique. 

Trish Arends, DPT, BSSPME & Run Coach

Trish began her running journey at a young age, watching her father lace up his running shoes each day. She began her ultra career when she signed up for a 50-miler on a whim. And while that first finish was brutal, she was hooked. Since then, Trish has acquired several podium finishes in the Midwest and Idaho, set two course records, and had her first 100-mile finish at Javelina 100. Her love of trail running has even expanded to include multi-day adventures in the backcountry. She shares her love of running while guiding athletes toward better movement patterns through mobility, strength and improved running technique. 

A physical therapist by trade, Trish began to notice the lack of treatment of the person as a whole. She became invested in continuing education that targeted the whole body, including the fascial system. Her background is based in Functional Range Systems, which focuses on opening up capacity and strengthening all the joints in the body through their full range of motion. She also is both a Pose Method and Art of Breathing-certified instructor. She owns her own practice, Movement Rewired LLC, where she treats the fascial system through a technique called Myofascial Acupuncture, combined with mobility and strength training through Functional Range Conditioning. She lives and trains with her husband in Boise, Idaho.


  • UESCA-Certified Ultrarunning Coach

  • BS in Sports Medicine

  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy

  • Pose Method Running Coach Certification 

  • Myofascial Acupuncture/Dry Needling

  • Rocktape Movement Specialist 

  • Art of Breath Certification

  • FR Release of the Spine

  • Functional Range Conditioning

  • Kinstretch Level 1

  • RockTape Blades and Blades Advanced

  • Vestibular and Balance Therapy

Career Highlights

  • 2021 Pulse Endurance 6hr, 1st place and course record

  • 2021 Heaven's Gate Half, 1st place and course record

  • Podium Finishes at Rockin’ Rockwoods 53k, Ozark Foothills 50k, Cry Me a River 50k

  • Sub-21 hour finish at Javelina Jundred

  • 2022 Top 5 finish at Red Hot 55K

Monthly Custom Run Coaching includes:

  • Intelligent, periodized training plan personalized for you in 3 week blocks

  • Includes strength, mobility and run workouts

  • 3 weekly emails or texts for questions and feedback

  • 30-minute Google Meet video or phone call every 3 weeks for personalized feedback and strategy

  • Customized long run and race nutritional strategies

  • Guidance if life gets in the way & goals need to be refocused

  • Workouts delivered through Training Peaks

  • Access to head coach, Jeff Browning, in Group Google Meet Video Calls twice per month

  • Discounts on select gear, nutrition and supplements

Monthly Coaching Subscription with Trish


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